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Angrier Draft

Allow me to get angry and flush my system:


Dear New York Times Staff,

Once again Israeli officials, most notably the Likud-party scum who are in power right now, have successfully inundated your rag with a giant pile of rotting red-herrings. Just as the European Union has them on notice for their human rights violations and the international boycott movement is gaining traction, in the midst of growing internal accusations of racism, the Israeli right-wing is turning your gullible eyes toward ‘Palestinian incitement’. Even the New York Times is so dominated by the prevailing, orientalist media that you will gladly sop up all the grease being poured on you by Jewish ethnocentrists who are increasingly desperate to obfuscate, distracting from the numerous (and massive) human right violations and community displacements that have happened for decades. There continue be grave problems of scale in US media coverage of the occupation of the Levant and the displacement of its indigenous inhabitants – many of whom are Arab Israelis given a second-class citizenship.

I lived in Palestine for eighteen months and my inclination is to believe the Palestinian Authority’s denial that their school produced this material, in spite of the fact that I know the current ‘leadership’ in Palestine are jello-legged parasites procrastinating a popular vote. Yet the fact of the matter is that producing hateful material is not the cardinal threat to peace, even when Israelis are doing so. Revisionist, inflammatory curricula are nothing more than an expressions of a resentment that grows organically out of occupation – both for the occupied and the occupier. Typical: you, NYT, are focused on a symptom to the exclusion of the disease. Hell, Palestinian Authority schools by themselves do not even compose the majority of primary education in the West Bank – and NONE of Gaza, though I suspect that those curricula actually came from Hamas controlled Gaza, where the Israeli military ensures that children are brought up in isolation and squalor.

Palestinian Authority curricula are not in violation of the Fourth Geneva convention, which bans moving a civilian population into occupied territory: that’s Israel. Palestinian Authority guard facebook posts were not declared illegal by an international court in 2004: the West Bank ‘separation barrier’ is the illegal structure, ordered to be demolished. It stands. The Palestinian Authority did not kill over 160 people during Operation Pillar of Cloud, as Israel did versus Hamas, but intead helped obtain non-member status in the UN with a vote of 138 in favor, 9 opposed and 41 abstaining. Yet it was always the settlement enterprise that is the root of all these evils, as was settler colonialism in the Americas and Africa. That an ethnic group would want to return to the land their faith tradition finds Holy is understandable; that this group, Israeli Jews, feels it can reproduce the vilest patterns of apartheid and exploitation and expect to do so with complete impunity is unacceptable.

What the Palestinian Authority teaches in their schools is really crackers compared to the education children are getting from their environment. Indeed, it’s really crackers compared to the education given to me just walking between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Israeli authorities taught me the meaning of dystopia – etc.

…I am surprised this has not decayed into cussing and yelling… it seems that it is not bad to tap “The Dragon” sometimes. My anger is more cogent than my political correctness. It will need brushing-up but I think that this is a better start… but I need a break already… all these old feelings… wow…



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