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It Still Makes Me Cry Too

My tattoo and I had a conversation this morning. There's too much of 'me' to shove inside desensitized pockets of my brain, lately. e, listening to journalists recap how the FBI failed to investigate reports of sexual assault against these decorated athletes: Nichols, Raisman, Maroney, Biles. It's almost unthinkable we could allow this to happen to our decorated Olympic athletes...

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CPJ-3: Don’t Call Me Christian

I need to lay this out: I’m putting the need to seem expert behind me. Now that I’m a Spiritual-Not-Religious-Person there can’t be any more desire to prove my ideas. I’ve been scared to step into this space, even though I know this is the ‘real’ universe.

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Surveying the Mountains’ Tops

I wanted to find an answer for myself-- assumed everything would feel better when I could speak an answer without doubts. I probed the voids between stars billions of years old ... Orders of magnitude: 20 years to grow a person, 20,000 accreting a dune, 200,000,000+ to mold and mill-away mountains, 2 billion and more collecting gas into stars. Why? Why anything?