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Doing Strong Heroine

I can summarize for clarity's sake. "The Empire Strikes Back" was a film with energy that starts high, gets higher, and leads Luke into crippling failure to set-up the next film. Rey's rise is meteoric and that is good because we need to be surprised but it would have been more interesting if she over-shot the mark and, for example, compromised the hull of a spaceship while she calibrated her powers (*wink*). "The Last Jedi" is enjoyable, and I will see the next film, but the writers/directors missed opportunities with Rey.

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‘Parable of the Crime Duos’ & Comments on a SCOTUS Nominee

I begin with a parable: Two sh'baab (young fellows*) boosted a $77,000 automobile. One was impoverished and planned to benefit from chopping the car for parts, the other came for the adventure of stealing and driving. They were apprehended with no damage done to the vehicle. By miraculous luck, the two were brought before the… Continue reading ‘Parable of the Crime Duos’ & Comments on a SCOTUS Nominee

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Conflux #1 offers conflux as a synonym for confluence, as "a flowing together" or "the act of blending together components thoroughly"; its connotations are slightly different from the riparian 'confluence', which is the name of a nascent entry that I never wrote because I could not get it perfectly in-mind.  After browsing an entry by a… Continue reading Conflux #1

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Wrestling the Anchor: Adrift

[from "Strange Orbit"] "When my eyes opened, I was swimming in perfect silence. There was no sound of bubbles rushing over my ears or the distant rumble of outboard motors. No muted calls from birds above the surface or the low grating of water rushing over boulders ... I swam through a translucent [ocean] of … Continue reading Wrestling the Anchor: Adrift

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“Gardens” before “Pride”: trading Austen for Silko

First of all, I want to apologize to all of my remaining readers: this is not the sort of piece I plan to write on a regular basis. I am in a fitful state of limbo. I ought to be contemplating the next stage in my career as a critical educator or author but instead… Continue reading “Gardens” before “Pride”: trading Austen for Silko