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CPJ-6: A Retrospective Morning Part A

It's not by mere chance tarpits are full of doomed dire-wolves because they were the most likely animal to come sniffing for other trapped animals. I would write more about my inertia if I didn't think that trying to write about it would reinforce it. The harder the fly beats her wings, the more entangled… Continue reading CPJ-6: A Retrospective Morning Part A

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CPJ-4: Something Beatitude-ish

I want balance, not to divide the world into good/evil, dark/light, and conveniently place myself in the middle (self-justifying) but rather to find a workable middle and stretch my tendrils into both dark and light, knowing that Good is a matter of compassion and humility while evils are obsessed with consuming and dominating.

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CPJ-3: Don’t Call Me Christian

I need to lay this out: I’m putting the need to seem expert behind me. Now that I’m a Spiritual-Not-Religious-Person there can’t be any more desire to prove my ideas. I’ve been scared to step into this space, even though I know this is the ‘real’ universe.