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And Then I Flipped It

This morning I had an adult-life stress-nightmare. Come: relive it with me... ...the sky was a threadbare blue, like faded jeans... I'm in my high-rise apartment and the sun is already so high I can't see it in my window. I need to drive to work! But I can't remember how to get to work.… Continue reading And Then I Flipped It

Forest stream with high banks, in the late afternoon
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Sign of the Stag

The stag assessed the situation: craned his neck, turned his head sideways and back again, shifted on his long sturdy legs, and swept the air for sounds of movement using huge, swiveling ears. As he did so, I noticed he had at least 12 points on his rack. I'd never seen a buck of that status wild in the woods.

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Kelly Clarkson’s Prophesies

Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" started playing on the radio next to one of the anti-contamination hoods (I've enjoyed juxtapositions like that). Kelly's words were my reassurance, or as close as I could get. My supervisor had just delivered the news: corporate is downsizing her team, my last day would be the 25th.

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People over Money

(...)I laughed as soon as I was out of ear-shot. Aside from active volcanoes, no topography is less "ownable" than a dune. The only thing that has a prayer of slowing it or changing its direction is a stand of huge, old, hardwood trees. The dune must be completely run-through with interlacing, strong roots to be frozen. The poshest house cannot grow roots, cannot tame the sand. (...)