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Smelling Hope

It is possible that I smelled hope. It was hard for me to believe, too, since I was not aware that alligators could smell. I was readying to crawl into a mound of decaying leaves next to one of the remaining snow-piles. Only a few weeks ago there were vast chains of snow-piles all around… Continue reading Smelling Hope


Unsettled Uncomfortable Slightly Scrambled Lenten Thoughts

It is not often that I feature others' content here but my former colleague's thoughts and feelings speak directly to my own condition. Nevertheless, her words belong to her and I hope that you will spare a moment to take note of her: Source: Unsettled Uncomfortable Slightly Scrambled Lenten Thoughts Background: my former colleague is… Continue reading Unsettled Uncomfortable Slightly Scrambled Lenten Thoughts

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The Meaning of Life & Suicide in a Bathtub

Though it contains true facts, this is a piece of magical realism. Read it in its entirety before becoming alarmed... I considered the option of suicide in a bathtub, four years ago. I dreamed of luxurious, hot, morbid release as I read the warning label on a bottle of drain-cleaner in my Grand Rapids, MI… Continue reading The Meaning of Life & Suicide in a Bathtub

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[Much Shorter] A Letter to The Post

Dear Washington Post Staff, The illusions about Israel in our popular culture all came to a crashing end, for me, when I lived and worked in Bethlehem for eighteen months. I am not writing to tell you that the State of Israel is a supernatural root of evil; I believe Israel is a state making… Continue reading [Much Shorter] A Letter to The Post

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Hit Send: My Letter to the New York Times

Dear New York Times Staff,      I was disappointed but unsurprised to learn of an article that saw exposure in your publication on January 6th. It portrays the Palestinian Authority as being party to revisionist and hateful education in Palestine. Having lived and worked with Palestinians for more than a year, I know this piece… Continue reading Hit Send: My Letter to the New York Times

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A Project Begins…

So, here we go: I’m going to write a piece about reverse culture shock either in the third-person limited perspective or in first person. I am writing this opening muse-storm on December 9th of 2013, deciding to pursue the art and life-style of a writer even as I continue with other practices. However, this story… Continue reading A Project Begins…