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Cactus Adonis

I wept Sunday. Cradling an iPhone in my lap, earbuds like IV-lines between my father and me, I sat on the floorboards of my friends' attic, near the brightly-lit hole leading to my room, and finally found my fountain.  Bizarrely, I had not wept at all during this entire painful period and I was aware.… Continue reading Cactus Adonis

Coyote lays in forest
Memories, Observations, Poetry, Reflection

My Future, Sculpted in Play-Dough

Sometimes I over-think my narrative and try to make it grand.  Let me tell you all a story; I will try to let flow. A guest lecturer from "Living Classrooms" came to my graduate-level curriculum class. She was a white-lady from South Dakota named Monique who taught in Rwanda with Peace Corps and now coordinates… Continue reading My Future, Sculpted in Play-Dough

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MORE Cactus Pricking

Three of us left the compound a while before sunset. We needed two people on the passenger side of the station-wagon to poke their arms out the window in order to carry the picking tools, which were tin cans mounted side-ways on the end of long poles. These are the instruments and this is the… Continue reading MORE Cactus Pricking

Humor, Memories, Narrative, Quirky

Cactus Pricking

Since the showdown with the Ministry of Interior in Haifa, I have noticed my psyche relaxing to a healthier, idling state. I was more apt to let writing go this week in favor of spending time socializing – company was dearly missed in exile. This week was counter-intuitively comforting for all its mundane worries, like… Continue reading Cactus Pricking