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A Hot Idea in the Cold Air

A person becomes an idea as soon as they disappear into the ground; I mean down the escalator of the DC Metro, in this case. If I could get out of my own head long enough, I might be able to see myself as an idea too -- getting smaller and smaller as I stroll… Continue reading A Hot Idea in the Cold Air

Awesome green sheesha pipe.
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Drugs & anti-Drag

My mother posted a link to “Always Burning: 2” on the Facebook wall of my old baby-sitter. Her comment: “This is what I am going through with [him]; I’ll be glad when he comes home.” They may be unnerved by the passage where my coworkers and I evacuated the office to avoid tear-gas and then… Continue reading Drugs & anti-Drag

Tray of Arabic coffee *drool*
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Between Tea & Coffee

Beverages matter. My co-workers once called me down to the foyer and offered me tea brewed with maleesa (an herb). I added sugar from a small metal bowl, using a little spoon, to my tiny glass cup with no handle. Just then, Saliba came from his office. I immediately rose and went to the kitchen,… Continue reading Between Tea & Coffee

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The Showdown in Haifa

I was awake the entire night. Conventional wisdom maintains that one ought to be in bed early in order to rise before the sun but I dreaded sleeping through my chance to get a year-long visa. The latter parts of Saturday night are a blur but I know I spent the wee hours of Sunday… Continue reading The Showdown in Haifa

Tray of Arabic coffee *drool*
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Craving the ‘Joe’

I left Hong Kong on forty-eight hours notice. Clearance came from headquarters at the last minute. The discount Filipino airline refused to take my bag, so my colleague had to drag a trumpet and wad of dirty laundry back to her apartment. Manila has the most poorly designed airport I have ever seen but they… Continue reading Craving the ‘Joe’

Wall graffiti

Genesis, Yonni

If this were a text on philosophy, or theology, or a very extensive science fiction or fantasy novel, then I could write a true beginning, with no antecedents. My story starts in the middle of history and, in fact, interrupts my own life narrative. I had not planned to be working with Wi’am in the… Continue reading Genesis, Yonni