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Cactus Adonis

I wept Sunday. Cradling an iPhone in my lap, earbuds like IV-lines between my father and me, I sat on the floorboards of my friends' attic, near the brightly-lit hole leading to my room, and finally found my fountain.  Bizarrely, I had not wept at all during this entire painful period and I was aware.… Continue reading Cactus Adonis

My Classmate & I
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Leading with my Body

Tuesday night she found me, nearly asleep, on the alphabet carpet beneath the paper-mache jellyfish. My classmates were perched on itty-bitty chairs examining a collection of sea-creature-themed mixed-media projects labeled in English and Spanish. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find someone passed-out in kindergarten — with or without booze— I’m Melanie, your new… Continue reading Leading with my Body