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Pentagon City Mall: Craziness Dawns!

We are still at the damn mall. I am going to stay at the mall until I can get the hell out of it — do you understand me? Nonfiction reflection is my native genre, my homeland in the world of writing. I started my musings in LiveJournal as a place to collect my teenage… Continue reading Pentagon City Mall: Craziness Dawns!

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Pentagon City Mall: Contrapuntal Imagery

An image surfaced as I journaled two days ago, neck-deep in the food- court. I was surprised that any peace of mind — that any piece of my mind — could be floating in the swamp at the bottom of the mall. I dove into the middle to prove I could, to make friends with… Continue reading Pentagon City Mall: Contrapuntal Imagery

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Pentagon City Mall: a draft

The black ones were from the ‘Payless Shoes’ store near the Tenley Town Metro station, purchased just as August began. I threw my pair of white tennis shoes into the garbage, right there, and walked away in the same pair of black walking-shoes I wore into the Pentagon City Mall -- now heavily scuffed and… Continue reading Pentagon City Mall: a draft