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Take Off the Suit

In this piece of process writing I reflect on something RDJ said at the conclusion of his stint as Ironman/Stark & revisit my "Megaman X Complex" from eight years ago. I blow a lot of steam but at least it's less than 1k words...

Mega Man X's Gear
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Mega Man X Complex: Armor

Remember, you have not reached full power yet. If you use all the abilities you were designed with, you should become stronger. You may even become as powerful as I am.  ‘Zero’ Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to withstand on that evil day, and having done… Continue reading Mega Man X Complex: Armor

"Vile" from MM X series
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Mega Man X Complex: Vile

Airplanes are the space-age cask for fermenting questions about memory and emotion. Jorge Luis Borges was a frequent ‘companion’ of mine on transcontinental flights but, as I returned from Iowa, I wanted only to gaze from the window. I was looking into the distance– imagining myself squeezing out the portal and running into the sun… Continue reading Mega Man X Complex: Vile

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Mega Man X Complex: Returning

One blog is "retired", while this one is fallow and in shambles. Something has to be done – but what will it take to jar me loose? On February 15th of 2012, I wrote an entry about Mega Man X for “In Rainbow Colors”: Sometime in the last five weeks, I developed self-concept problems. It… Continue reading Mega Man X Complex: Returning