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Mega Man X Complex: Returning

One blog is "retired", while this one is fallow and in shambles. Something has to be done – but what will it take to jar me loose? On February 15th of 2012, I wrote an entry about Mega Man X for “In Rainbow Colors”: Sometime in the last five weeks, I developed self-concept problems. It… Continue reading Mega Man X Complex: Returning

Awesome green sheesha pipe.
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Drugs & anti-Drag

My mother posted a link to “Always Burning: 2” on the Facebook wall of my old baby-sitter. Her comment: “This is what I am going through with [him]; I’ll be glad when he comes home.” They may be unnerved by the passage where my coworkers and I evacuated the office to avoid tear-gas and then… Continue reading Drugs & anti-Drag

Wall graffiti

Genesis, Yonni

If this were a text on philosophy, or theology, or a very extensive science fiction or fantasy novel, then I could write a true beginning, with no antecedents. My story starts in the middle of history and, in fact, interrupts my own life narrative. I had not planned to be working with Wi’am in the… Continue reading Genesis, Yonni