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Mega Man X Complex: The Shield

As Mega Man X enters Sigma’s fortress, Vile is still yet to be defeated. In game-play, I always assumed that Vile had no particular weakness and so spent time maneuvering, picking him apart with X-buster blasts when the solution was already with me: The Shield. Vile’s weakness, all along, was a weapon called ‘Rolling Shield’… Continue reading Mega Man X Complex: The Shield

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Two Empty Chairs

One of many stand-out moments at the Kairos Palestine conference came during the second panel discussion. The first panel featured Bishops from two churches in the Holy Land. Each was a signer of the historic Kairos Palestine document, where Palestinian church leaders make a theological case against the Israeli occupation of the land, the oppression… Continue reading Two Empty Chairs

Rhinoceros crushes annexation wall
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Bulldozer Blues

  I spent my 25th Birthday on the floor of an annual church conference, across the world from the Philippine restaurant where I spent my 26th.  Armed with notes scribbled in a pocket notebook, I prepared to speak about the holiness of two people, a pair of any gender or sex composition, who would commit… Continue reading Bulldozer Blues