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CPJ-3: Don’t Call Me Christian

I need to lay this out: I’m putting the need to seem expert behind me. Now that I’m a Spiritual-Not-Religious-Person there can’t be any more desire to prove my ideas. I’ve been scared to step into this space, even though I know this is the ‘real’ universe.

Forest stream with high banks, in the late afternoon
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Sign of the Stag

The stag assessed the situation: craned his neck, turned his head sideways and back again, shifted on his long sturdy legs, and swept the air for sounds of movement using huge, swiveling ears. As he did so, I noticed he had at least 12 points on his rack. I'd never seen a buck of that status wild in the woods.

Memories, Narrative, Reflection

Kelly Clarkson’s Prophesies

Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway" started playing on the radio next to one of the anti-contamination hoods (I've enjoyed juxtapositions like that). Kelly's words were my reassurance, or as close as I could get. My supervisor had just delivered the news: corporate is downsizing her team, my last day would be the 25th.