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Always Burning: 2

Watch for the Smoke... The evacuation began when the crack of the first stone hitting concrete sent shock-waves through our coffee cups. We were all sitting down-stairs, together. Wa’el ran up the stairs to street-level in a flash, to check, and burst into the foyer again within seconds saying  “yulla, yulla... let’s go before the… Continue reading Always Burning: 2

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9-11: Remembrance

Pundits, journalists, and lay-people across the United States will put their fingers to the keyboard today to commemorate the events in New York eleven years ago, with some mention of a flight over Pennsylvania and another around the US government’s Pentagon building. I commend everyone who offers something thoughtful or even sentimental today, understanding that… Continue reading 9-11: Remembrance

A black fly landing on a white flower.
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A Large, Black, House-Fly

This train of thought began building when I heard a reference to “the Bible” as ‘the Word of God’, putting its contents on the pedestal of privilege. The Word of our Creator, the breath of the Divine, is necessarily ‘The Universe’. All else is a secondary text, even this invented collection of books called ‘the… Continue reading A Large, Black, House-Fly